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Mafia! The Party Game


Mafia! The Party GameMafia! is a multiplayer game with 4 characters and can be played with 4 to 18 people at a time in which all of the players are in one game.
At the beginning of each game, the players are assigned a character which are can be either Mafia, Doctor, Detective or Citizen.
Mafia's target is to eliminate all the citizens (also doctor and detective) to win the game and capture the city.
The doctor has ability to save anyone including himself/herself each round.
The detective can guess on any one player each round for finding mafia.
The citizens can vote after each round to find the mafia.
Citizens (including doctor and detective) will win if they catch the mafia during the voting and the game will end. If the mafia continues to eliminate players until there is only one player left, the mafia wins and the game ends.
I hope you will have fun playing the game.